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When building an ETO Results report, the built-in Active Filter Object in the "Program Enrollment" folder is useful for identifying participants who were active in a Program in the date range entered in the prompts of the report.

However, it is sometimes useful to create the equivalent Filters yourself in order to change the behavior of the Active Filter. For instance, you may want to change the text in the prompts from "Begin Date" and "End Date" to something more specific to your needs, or you may want to use a fixed date range without using the prompts.

Below you will find the instructions for a set of Filters that will perform the same function as the built-in Active Filter but allow for more customization.

How to Set Up a Manual Active Filter

1. In your report, open the Query Panel to view the Query you want to Filter.

  • In "Design" mode", click the "Edit" tile, in the "Data" section of the tool bar.

2. Using the "Program Start Date" and "Program End Date" Objects from the Program Enrollment folder, create the following Filter structure in the Query Filters pane:

3. To create the nested "Program End Date" Filters, first create both Filters individually. Then click one and drag it on top of the other, and Results will create the nesting, which will default to an "And" relationship. Double-click the word "And" to change it to "Or" so that it matches the image above.

4. This set of Filters functions exactly the same as the Active Filter Object. Once this is in place, you may modify the Filters, for instance, to change the prompt text, select a constant for the date ranges, or use Objects from the Universe Dimensions folder to select a relative date range.


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