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ETO Results | Version 4.3 Menu Bar Changes
ETO Results | Version 4.3 Menu Bar Changes
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Updated over a week ago

With the update of the Business Objects version, it isn't just the functionality getting updated, but also the look overall of Results.

  1. Home Page and Back buttons. The Home Page will return you to the Results Dashboard landing page. The Back button will return you to the folder you opened the report from.

  2. File tab. Contains buttons for saving, undoing, printing exporting

  3. Data tab. Contains buttons for opening the query, and refreshing data.

  4. Insert tab. Contains the options for inserting tables, charts, and cells.

  5. Analyze tab. Contains controls for the report like filters, and conditional formatting.

  6. Display tab. Contains controls to zoom, and quickly switch to print layout.

  7. Navigate. If your report has more than 1 page, navigate between pages here.

  8. Properties Panel. Format tables, cells, filters, and adjust filters, and sorts.

  9. Main panel. View report objects, make variables, view report structure, comments, and document properties.

  10. Edit button. Toggle this to switch between Read and Edit modes.

  11. Report drop down. Switch between multiple reports easily in this drop down, as well as close reports entirely.

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