This article describes how to set up input controls and how they are used to filter within a report.

Step 1 – When in "Edit" mode of a report, go to the "Filter" icon under the Analyze section. This makes the Manage Filters button available

Step 2 – Click the Manage Filters button, and choose "New Input Control" to add an input control to your report.

Step 3 – Select the Object you would like to filter on.

Step 4 – Choose a Control Type that will define how the options are displayed.

5. Operator determines if the data from the object should be included or excluded

6. Choose if there should be a restricted list of values

7. Choose if there should be a sort and if it should be ascending or descending

8. Decide if you would like a default value to be selected when a user opens the report. To change the default value, click on the drop down and choose Select value.

8. Depending on the control type, there may be an option for the number of lines that are displayed at one time. To change this, click on the number of lines and use the arrows to increase or decrease the number. Or a minimum and maximum value for a Spinner or Slider type.

9. Once the properties are filled out, click Next.

10. Choose what you would like the input controls to filter, whether it is the entire report, one tab of the report, or one table on the page.

Step 11 – Once this is selected, click Ok.

Step 12 – Your input control will appear and you can select you values you would like to filter by.

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