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ETO Results may seem overwhelming at first. However, once you understand the basic functions and navigation, you will be able to build many simple reports, Queries, and charts easily. More complex forms of reporting can be achieved with Webi knowledge, data knowledge, and by reviewing our classes, articles, and videos.

This page serves to help you get started with ETO Results.

Our Support team is here to help when you encounter roadblocks and breaks. We can bridge the gap when it comes to understanding ETO Results. However, support can not provide consultation, trainings, or report building. Our Professional Services, Training, and Advanced Support Consultants can provide those services to your organization if needed, just speak to your account manager.


Going through our Results Reporting Foundations Courses and ETO Results Labs is the best way to understand ETO Results and all its possibilities.

You can register for courses or contact your account manager ( to look into report training subscriptions.


We have many articles in the knowledge base. We recommend searching by keywords that you see in the software like "Universe", "Build Report", "Sum", etc. Our knowledge base provides best practices, tips and tricks, and ETO-specific ETO Results answers.

Here are a couple to get started:

ETO Results / SAP Knowledge Base

While inside of ETO Results, you might see hyperlinks to our online ETO Results knowledge base. It is also available under Reporting Dashboard > "Help Menu" > "Help"

This knowledge base provides documentation on most functions and features. It is a quick way to get a basic and straightforward understanding of something in ETO Results.


We have many in-house videos in the knowledge base.

Here are a couple to get you started:

Outside Sources

We utilize SAP Business Objects 4.3 Web Intelligence and online videos are an excellent source for learning how to navigate the software. Of course, online videos may look slightly different from our display or have certain functions that we do not offer, but it is not a bad place to start!

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