Release Notes | 20.32.0

Available Oct 15th, 2021

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10612 – Previously, the columns for “MentalHealthDisorderFam”, “AlcoholDrugUseDisorderFam”, and “HOHLeaseholder” in the Enrollment.csv for HMIS Data Pulls were still matching the 2020 standards (which were MentalHealthIssuesFam”, “AlcoholDrugAbuseFam”, “HOHLeasesholder”). Now, they have been updated to the correct 2022 standards.

  • ETOC-10611 – Previously, you were unable to download HMIS Validation Reports. Now, you can properly download the reports and validate and review any errors.

  • ETOC-10579 – Previously, creating a multiple participant referral from Referrals (New) would result in missing providers. In other words, the provider list would not show all available providers for some participants. Now, the provider list properly populates for participants.

  • ETOC-10271 – Previously, when referrals were set to auto-accept with Referrals (NEW), the referral’s date time would show as 4:00 AM in reporting. Now, the date is properly reflected as a midnight time for the referral.

  • ETOC-10499 – Previously, after returning to a saved draft of a TouchPoint after clicking “Save Progress”, then the conditional rules would not work, and all elements appear. Now, when a TouchPoint is saved as a draft, the conditional rules will still apply to the TouchPoint after saving progress. Save Progress/Save Draft will not act as an initial save. If an end user saves as draft with a conditional rule that is “View Only After Initial Save”, then the element that the rule is applied to will still not show in the draft version of the TouchPoint.

  • ETOC-9956 – Previously, the Housing Check-In functionality would not accept a start date in a Canadian format in Chrome. Now, the functionality properly accepts start dates in Canadian format and the participant can be successfully checked into the room.

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