Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Navigation Bar > "Program Administration" > "Manage Dashboard Messages"

Step 2 – New Message

Step 3 – Title Your Message

Step 4 – In Design Mode Add Text, Formatting, and Messaging.

  • You can change boldness, italics, colors, size, font, spacing, and more!

  • You can add hyperlinks using the Insert Link button

Step 5 – In HTML Mode, you can design more complex messages.

  • We have some standard HTML codes available to customers. You can Copy/Paste our HTML and then format it in Design or HTML mode for customizations.

  • Support cannot build or resolve complex HTML issues. We will work to resolve simple hyperlink or standard HTML issues.

  • Some CSS may appear different across different browsers.

  • Other complex coding may be non-functional in Dashboard messages. .

Step 6 – In Preview Mode, you can Preview the Dashboard Message.

Step 7 – Finally, determine if the message should be dismissible and if it should appear once or on a recurring basis.

Note: Many customers use Dashboard messages as a standard navigational feature of ETO. In those cases, make sure the message cannot be dismissed, reoccurs daily, every day, and has no end date.

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