Creating Dashboard Messages
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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Navigation Bar > "Program Administration" > "Manage Dashboard Messages"

Step 2 – New Message

Step 3 – Title Your Message

Step 4 – In Design Mode Add Text, Formatting, and Messaging.

  • You can change boldness, italics, colors, size, font, spacing, and more!

  • You can add hyperlinks using the Insert Link button

Step 5 – In HTML Mode, you can design more complex messages.

  • We have some standard HTML codes available to customers. You can Copy/Paste our HTML and then format it in Design or HTML mode for customizations.

  • Support cannot build or resolve complex HTML issues. We will work to resolve simple hyperlink or standard HTML issues.

  • Some CSS may appear different across different browsers.

  • Other complex coding (i.e. JavaScript, PHP) may be non-functional in Dashboard messages.

  • Please note that some browsers handle HTML differently than other browsers. Because of this we highly suggest testing any custom HTML with a validator before adding it to your Dashboard Message to prevent compromising the data in your message, as once lost, it is not recoverable.

Step 6 – In Preview Mode, you can Preview the Dashboard Message.

Step 7 – Finally, determine if the message should be dismissible and if it should appear once or on a recurring basis.

Note: Many customers use Dashboard messages as a standard navigational feature of ETO. In those cases, make sure the message cannot be dismissed, reoccurs daily, every day, and has no end date.

Once the dashboard message is complete, it's time to Assign it to Roles, Sites, and Programs.

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