Release Notes | 20.23.0

Release Date: 2/26/2021

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-7614 - Quick Search: Date of Birth shows the correct date for end users in AU.

  • ETOC-8969 - HMIS: Data Validation report is no longer is falsely flagging Bed Stay errors when all bed stays are within program enrollment dates.

  • ETOC-9321 - 20.7.0 Entity: Attribute Date field is no longer blank when viewing in Chrome.

  • ETOC-9399 - BU: Required element cross-references no longer error in batch upload if there is not a response.

  • ETOC-9860 - Internal Referrals: When editing a referral from the Dashboard, it will save the proper information for that participant.

  • ETOC-9864 - Hangfire: SyncStaff now properly updates across all staff across all sites.

  • ETOC-9867 - Demo: Add Demo By Group now properly adds Date Field demographics to Participants.

  • ETOC-9889 - Families: End users can now add members to Family with an postrophe in the name.

  • ETOC-9957 - Dashboards: Collection Dashboards now take seconds to load.

  • ETOC-9969 - When referring a participant who already has a referral in Legacy Referrals, the end user will receive an error notifying them of that, rather than a blank error.

  • ETOC-10089 - "Time Dimension Name" in the Universe Dimensions kernel has been updated to include Month-Year for 2021-2050.

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