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Administrators have the ability to create a template dashboard for My Dashboard (also known as the Staff Dashboard), the Participant Dashboard, the Entity Dashboard, the Family Dashboard, the Group Dashboard, the Collection Dashboard, and the TouchPoint Dashboard. The template creates a configuration for a selected set of sites or programs that can either be edited or remain constant for specified user roles. 

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Site Administration. Then select Manage Dashboard Templates.

  2. To create a new template, click the New Template button at the top of the page.

3. Select the Template Type from the drop-down.

4. Give the dashboard template and name and choose the scope (enterprise or site).

5. Add ETO Parts to the dashboard by clicking the Add ETO Parts button.

6. Check the box next to the ETO Part that you want to add, select the zone where you would like to add it from the drop-down, and click the Add button.

  • Parts for Recent Efforts, Assessments, and TouchPoints can be filtered for a specific Point of Service, Assessment, or TouchPoint to limit results for staff.

You can reset the template to the default layout with the default part by clicking the Reset to Default button. You can also copy the current layout and parts in the template by clicking the Copy button.

7. When you are done adding and rearranging the ETO Parts, click the Done Editing button.

8. To edit or delete an existing dashboard template, click the pencil icon to edit or the trashcan icon to delete from the Dashboard Templates page.

9. To assign the template to sites or programs, click on the template's name link on the Dashboard Templates page.

10. Click the Add Assignment button.

11. Select the site(s), program(s), and role(s) you wish to assign the dashboard template to.

  • The programs list will not be populated until you select a site.

12. User/Manager Access

Check the first box if you want users to be able to modify their own dashboards 

  • Note that if a user makes changes to their dashboard and a template has been applied and is updated, the user’s changes will be overwritten.

Check the second box if you would like other Site Administrators to be able to un-assign the template you have created.

  • Note that if a Site Manager wishes to apply another template to the same users/program, without this box checked, they will be restricted from applying new templates until the current one has been unassigned.

13. Click Save
14. To remove site/program/role assignments, check the box in the remove column and then click the Remove Selected Assignments button.

  • You cannot edit the site/program/role assignment. It must first be removed and then recreated from scratch.

Best Practices

  • Have no more than six (6) Dashboard parts per Dashboard.

  • Use the expected load time for each Dashboard part to estimate the overall load time for the Dashboard you need to display.

  • Edit the Dashboard part to remove unnecessary data elements that are not helpful to Users

  • Create specific Dashboard templates for each User role.

  • Restrict Dashboard editing to only advanced Users who need specialized Dashboards.

  • Plan the placement parts within the five (5) Dashboard zones based on the amount of data to be displayed. Parts that display in a single column, like Participant Info, are best placed on the right, middle or left zones.

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