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Entity pages interact with the Entity Legacy pages and provide the same functionality. Entities can be created, viewed, edited, and enrolled using either feature. However, the NEW Entity pages are preferred by many Enterprises.

Entities are subjects in ETO that might reflect third party organizations, Staff in ETO, Programs in ETO, or other Entities/organizations that interact with your organization. Entities do not log in to ETO. Staff can record Touchpoints for an Entity, Staff can refer a Participant to an Entity, Staff can manage Entity Attributes, Program Enrollments, and Collections to track different data points.

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  1. When Adding New Entities, it is first important to distinguish the Entity Types/Sub-Types. These Types/Sub-Types allow for quick sorting of Entity Types. Furthermore, you can Manage the Security for them.

  2. You can Create Sub-Types that suit your organizations needs more uniquely.

  3. More 'demographic' type data can be attached to Entities through the use of Manage Attributes. Address, Contact Email, Contact Phone, or other fields can be manipulated and added.

  4. If you have Duplicate Entities, you can Merge Entities or Dismiss Entities as well.

  5. Finally, you can View/Edit Entities individual Entities to view or change Attributes, Program Enrollments, and contact information.

Batch Uploading Entity Information


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