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Default User Role: Program Manager

This functionality works in conjunction with Entities that are defined with the Entity Type “Classes”. After a Class is defined and participants are assigned to the corresponding group, a scheduling period can be assigned to the group and schedules can be printed for the members of the group. If you need to create a group please follow this link. Creating and Managing Groups

  • Click ADD to add a new scheduling period. If you are creating your first schduling period your screen will look like the below.

  • Name the period something that will identify where it should be used, i.e. Math 101, Ms. Smith’s English Class, Nightly GED Class, Gym Class, etc..

  • Select the day(s) of the week that are associated with the scheduling period.

  • Select the start time and end time for the classes (this can be adjusted by day after adding the period).

  • Select the Scope of the period. Site level will allow it to be used in other programs in your site, Program level will only show the period in the program you are in when you create it.

  • After adding a scheduling period, click Edit next to individual days to edit the day of the week, start and end time, scope or status. Individual days can be disabled by changing the status to “Disabled”

  • Check the box next to “Show Disabled Scheduling Periods” to re-enable or edit disabled periods.

  • To assign a period to a group, the group must be added as an Entity with the type Classes. Periods can be assigned through Manage Groups after they are added.

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