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A group is a legacy feature, a defined subset of participants active in the selected program. Groups can start and end on specific dates or be continually active. Creating groups can be beneficial for tracking attendance and other Point of Service elements tracked for a group much easier. The Group Dashboard is the best way to access ways to work with Groups.

Group is an option available when using the following features: 

  • Record Attendance

  • Multiple Participant Efforts

  • Record Hours of Attendance 

  • Hours of Attendance Alternate

  • Add Demo by Group 

  • Group Assessment 

  • Multiple Participant Referrals 

Note: Groups are a legacy feature; we recommend switching to Collections. See more about Collections.


  1. On the Navigation Bar, Click Participants

  2. Select Manage Groups 

  3. You will see the following options: 

  • Show Disabled: Click this button to show any disabled groups 

  • Print: Click the Printer icon to print the list of groups 

  • Edit: Click the Pencil icon to edit the group information 

  • Disable: Allows you to disable a Group. (Only available for Site Manager and above) 

  • Group Name: Click the link to be taken to the Group Dashboard 

  • Active Members: Click this link to edit the Group Membership

  • +New: Click this link to create a new group 

  • Manage Groups (classic): Click this link to go to an older version of Manage Groups 

  4. Click the +New link to create a new Group 

  5. Fill out all information for the Group:

  • Only the Group Name is required 

  • For the group start date, ETO will prevent attendance data for the group from being entered prior to the group start date

  • Set All Individual Members' Group Start Date Equal to Date Above: If this box is not checked, member start dates will default to the date they are added to the Group. Member Group start date can be edited individually if this box is checked. 

  • End Date: The Group will not be available for recording efforts after its end date (including for back data entry)

  • Group Description: Text will show up under the title of the Group on the Manage Groups screen 

  • Uses Scheduling: Checking the box will allow you to set a schedule for the Group with the Scheduling functionality 

6. Click Save
7. Add Members to the Group by clicking the Active Members link next to the associated Group name
8. Add participants to the group by checking the box in the Add Member column next to their name


  1. You can search for participant by using the search box

  2. Check the Add Member box in the header to add all participants

  3. Click the box next to an individual participant to add them to the Group (*If the Group start date is in the future, these participants will not show in the Group roster to the right OR on the Group dashboard until the Group Start Date, but will show as being in the group through Reporting. This is expected)

  4. Click the name of the participant to be take to their Participant Dashboard 

  5. This table shows all participants who are already members of this Group

  6. Click the pencil icon to edit the start date, termination date, and termination reason for the participant 

  7. Click the X to remove the participant from the Group and permanently delete the history of the participant in that group 

  8. Click Save to add any selected participants to the Group

NOTE: If you need to change the name of a Group after it has already been created then follow these steps:

  1. Expand Navigation Bar (if applicable) 

  2. Click Participants 

  3. Click Manage Groups 

  4. Click the pencil next to the Group that should be edited 

  5. Change Group Name 

  6. Click Submit

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