Duplicate Entities


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This feature will generate a list of all potentially duplicated Entity records across your Site and allow you to merge them from the same screen. This feature is not available for working with Entity contacts, which cannot be merged.

Note: Duplicates can also be merged by searching for full or partial Entity names in the Merge Entities feature.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click on "Site Administration". Then select "Manage Attributes".

Step 3 – Check the boxes next to the Attributes that you wish the system to check for duplicates on.

Note that fields may be set as "exact" or "like" matches. Modifying these settings can potentially generate different lists of duplicated Entities. These settings also flag duplicates when they are added manually through Add New Entity or uploaded through Upload Files.

Step 4 – Click the "Save" button.

Step 5 – On the Navigation Bar, click on "Site Administration". Then select "Duplicate Entities".

  • This feature will generate a list of all duplicated Entities based on the duplicate check settings set in the previous steps. 

Step 6 – Check the boxes to the left of the two records you would like to merge.

Note that only two records may be merged at one time.

Step 7 – Click the "Merge Selected Records" button.

Step 8 – The next screen displays additional detail on the records. Select a Master Copy by clicking the dot next to the master record. This record's Attribute information will be retained after the merge is complete.

The Master Copy should be selected based on which record has more Attribute information and/or which record was more recently updated.

Step 9 – Click the "Continue..." button.

Step 10 – A warning message will pop up to ensure that you wish to make the change. Click the Yes button to merge the Entities.

  • This change CANNOT but undone.

  • The Duplicate copy will not retain any Attribute information. If this record includes Attribute data that is missing from the Master, the Master or merged record will need to be manually updated so this data is not lost.

  • All other historical information (Program history, TouchPoints, etc.) will be saved to the merged record, including information that has been recorded under the duplicate copy.

Quick-Reference Guide

  1. Navigation Bar > "Site Administration" > "Manage Attributes"

  2. Click the Set Duplicate Check Settings link

  3. Check the boxes next to Attributes the system should check for duplicates on

  4. Click the Save button

  5. Navigation Bar > "Site Administration" > "Duplicate Entities"

  6. Check the boxes next to the two records to be merged

  7. Click the Merge Selected Records button

  8. Select the master record

  9. Click the Continue button

  10. Click Yes on the pop-up warning to merge the Entities

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