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Enterprise Administrative Entities
Enterprise Administrative Entities


Updated over a week ago

The Enterprise Administrative Entities feature allows administrators to automatically create Entities for Programs, Sites and Staff for each of the Sites on the Enterprise.

Default User Role: Program Manager

This feature allows you to automatically create Entities based on the active Staff accounts in your Site or active Programs in your Site. If you are an Enterprise Manager, you can also create Entities for each of your Sites in the Enterprise. 

  • Select the option(s) to create the desired Entities. 

  • You will then have the option to automatically enroll the Entities in one specific Program in your Site, or not enroll them in any Programs automatically. 

  • Click Submit to create the Entities. 

  • Each time a new Program, Staff or Site is added to the software, a new Entity will be created to match that record. 

  • Entities added this way will be defined by the Entity Type “Administrative”.

Note: The email address in the User account and the email address in the Entity record are not linked, and making a change to one does not impact the other.

Note: You can always check to see if an Administrative Entity has been generated for a particular Staff member by using the [Is Administrative Entity] dimension in the Standard Staff Universe in ETO Results.

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