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Question Settings | View Screen Settings: Created By
Question Settings | View Screen Settings: Created By

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When a TouchPoint is taken, the User’s name is listed in the View/Record TouchPoints page under “Staff”. When another staff member edits that TouchPoint, the name is changed to the staff member that made the edits. The "Staff" column in View/Record TouchPoints only shows the name of the User to last save the TouchPoint.

While the "Staff" column is always visible by default, the "Created By" column will only display in the View/Record TouchPoints screen for the TouchPoints where that option is selected. To display this column, follow the below steps:

1. Open the Navigation Bar.
2. Click on "Site Administration".
3. Select "Manage TouchPoints".
4. Find the TouchPoint where “Created By” should be shown.
5. Select "Edit" next to the TouchPoint.
6. Select "Question Settings".
7. Select "View Screen Settings".

8. Check the “Created By” box.

9. Click "Save". The Created By column will now appear on the View/Record TouchPoints screen.

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