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The Approval Form Wizard feature allows you to build a new approval form from scratch.

Setting Up Approvals

  1. New Approval Form - Click this button to create a new Approval Form.

  2. Approval Forwarding - Click this button to set up approval forwarding

  3. Filter/Search - Filter or search for approval forms by name, approval required for, or tags.

  4. Show Disabled Approval Forms - Check this box to see Approval Forms that have been disabled.

  5. Edit - Edit an approval form, including settings and questions.

  6. Security - Manage the approval form's security.

  7. Disable - Click this icon to disable an approval form.

  8. Delete - Click the trashcan icon to delete an approval form. Deleting the approval form prevents users from recording new data and making adjustments. Approval forms can only be deleted if there is no data recorded for them.

  9. Enable - Click the check mark on a disabled approval form to enable it. This option is only available if the Show Disabled box is checked at the top.

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Site Administration. Then select Manage Approvals.

Step 2 – Click the New Approval Form button.

Step 3 – Give the approval form a name that is distinctive and descriptive.

Step 4 – Give the approval form a tag(s) to group it together with similar approval forms.

  • If a tag is more than one word or a phrase, it should be placed between double quotes.

  • Tags should be separated from one another with a space.

  • Tags can be used by administrators on the Manage Approvals page to search for approval forms that are commonly related.

  • Tags are necessary for reporting.

  • If multiple approval forms should be reported on together, they should be tagged with the same tag. Remember: tags must be identical for this to work as expected. This includes spacing and punctuation.

Step 5 – Select if the approval form should allow for quick approval.

  • If yes, approval recipients may check off each approval as approved or rejected on the View Approvals screen without requiring them to record the actual form.

Step 6 – Select if the approval form is allowed to be retaken without a new trigger.

  • Selecting yes will allow approval recipients to retake the approval form in order to change the status.

  • Selecting no will not allow the approval recipient to retake the approval form unless a new TouchPoint/referral submission is made. 

Step 7 – Select if you want to reset the status to "pending" and resend to all recipients if the TouchPoint or referral is updated.

  • Selecting yes will reset the approval status and send out a new approval form anytime a change is made in a TouchPoint or referral. 

Step 8 – Check the box to the left of the recipient(s) of the approval form.

  • This list is populated via the Manage Recipients feature.

  • You can sort and filter by recipient group name and calculated name.

  • Check the Show Disabled box to show disabled recipient groups.

  • If a recipient completes a Touchpoint that requires an approval form, no approval form will be triggered as their "security" level allows them to approve their own submitted forms. 

Step 9 – Select how the recipients will see the message. You can send it as a dashboard message, an email, or both.

Step 10 – Click the Save button to save the approval form.

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