Release Notes | 20.1.0

Purpose: To describe in detail the defect fixes that will be released with 20.1

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Release Dates:

8/22 - AU Deployment
8/26 - Private Deployment
TBD - US Deployment

This is release will include high priority new UI-related defect fixes as well as a new setting to disable the quick-search drop-down.

ETO Fixes

The following defects will be fixed in this release:

  • [ETOC-7172] - Participant Batch Upload now accepts dates with timestamp in files

  • [ETOC-7237] – Added text to “Sync Participant Demographics” to explain that demographics will not sync if the demographic is included in a Program Group

  • [ETOC-7250] – Removed “Save Progress” option from Referrals (NEW) page as it is not existing functionality 

  • [ETOC-7199] – Users are no longer able to access old session through concurrent login screen

  • [ETOC-7198] – The custom solutions bar now respects visibility settings

  • [ETOC-7131] – Users can now update status for participants in the custom solution tool in new UI

  • [ETOC-7151] – Futures appointments now show in the weekly view of custom solution tool in new

  • [ETOC-7247] – Users can now update roles in custom solution tool when previously they were receiving an error 

Mobile Device Fixes:

  • [ETOC-7553] – Users can now select Participants from Quick Search on mobile

  • [ETOC-7563] – Users can now scroll through TouchPoints on mobile

  • [ETOC-7586] – Users can now switch sites/programs on mobile – The icon no longer disappears

  • [ETOC-7587] – Users can now save TouchPoints on iPhones

  • [ETOC-7659] - Quick-search drop-down now filters out participants from different sites

New Features

  • [ETOC-7600] – Implemented a user setting that will disable the new quick-search drop-down

  • [ETOC-7664] – Added an ARIA tag button and alt text for "Messages", "Reporting", and User Account Icon buttons to be more compatible with JAWs

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