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Question Settings | Multi-Subject Level Responses
Question Settings | Multi-Subject Level Responses


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This page reviews multi-subject level responses when managing TouchPoints, Collection Types, and Referral Forms. This option is not available for Manage Approvals.

This setting allows questions on a form to be collected once for all subjects in a multiple-subject response (Family, Collection, Multiple Participants, or Multiple Entities). The setting can also be managed at the question level by editing each question individually.

In-Depth Instructions

  1. Navigation Bar > "Site Administration" > "Manage TouchPoints/Collection Types/Referral Forms"

  2. Click on the Question Settings button and select Multi-Subject Level Responses from the drop-down menu.

  3. Check the box(es) associated with the question(s) that you would like to apply to multiple subjects.

    • A check indicates that the question will be answered once and applied to all when taken for multiple subjects as the same time.

    • You can also uncheck a box that you no longer wish to apply to multiple subjects.

  4. Click the "Save" button to save any changes.

Viewing Multi-Subject Level Responses

Multi-subject level responses show as two subject icons stacked on top of one another, as seen in the red circle.

Single-subject level responses show as a single subject icon, as seen in the green circle.

When completing a multi-subject TouchPoint (multiple Participant, multiple Entity, Collection, or Family) the All tab can be used to complete all subjects' answers.

When returning to a multi-subject TouchPoint, the multi-subject level response will show the responses on the All tab as all participants retain the same answer.

Single-subject level responses will show NULL on the All tab. Single-subject level responses will show on the individual tabs for each Participant, as their answers may vary.

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