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Question Settings | Pre-populate Answers


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Some TouchPoints or referral forms are completed multiple times for a Participant. To ease the burden on the User completing it, you can set the form to carry over answers from the previous time a User recorded the form for that particular subject.

If more than one form element is set to pre-populate, those same form questions will pre-populate in all scenarios.

Step 1 – Navigate to the proper management page.

  • Navigation Bar > "Site Administration" > Manage TouchPoints or Manage Referral Forms

Step 2 – Click on the Question Settings button and select "Pre-populate answers" from the drop-down.

Step 3 – You will have three initial options:

  1. Allow pre-populate within Site:

    1. Allows forms completed in the one Site to populate other forms completed in the same Site. This selection must be made in the master and the copied form.

  2. Allow pre-populate from other Sites:

    1. Allows forms completed in other Sites to populate other forms completed in this Site. Forms completed in other Sites must have the previous selection checked off.

    2. Note: ​In order for this setting to work, you must first enable the form to "Share Responses Across Enterprise" in the Security Settings.

  3. Pre-populate with response when using Add Similar:

    1. When a User clicks Add Similar (from the Recent TouchPoints ETO Part or using a Dashboard Report hyperlink), the form will automatically be pre-populated with that response.

Step 4 – Once you have allowed the form to pre-populate, you will then see all of the questions in that form. Check the box next to the question(s) that you want to pre-populate with previous answers.

Step 5 – Click the Save button to save all of your changes.

Pre-populating questions and/or responses can save Users a lot of time when taking a TouchPoint or referral form multiple times for the same subject.

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