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Manage Touchpoints: Question Elements: File Attachment
Manage Touchpoints: Question Elements: File Attachment

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Users are able to store one or more files in a TouchPoint that includes this element type.

A file size limit is set by the end User when adding the element to the system. If no value is set, the max value is about 1 GB.

Most all files types are compatible if "This is an Image" is not selected including Word, Excel, PDF, and Images.

If the attachment has been specified as "Image," the following file types are allowed:

  • .jpg

  • .jpeg

  • .jpe

  • .gif

  • .bmp

  • .dib

  • .tif

  • .png

  • .JPG

  • .JPEG

  • .JPE

  • .GIF

  • .BMP

  • .DIB

  • .TIF

  • .PNG

Link to an Image instead of displaying allows for the User to choose how the image will appear in the TouchPoint.

If the file type is not set to "Image," any type of file will be accepted.

Note: Certain file types may cause issues on the TouchPoint Information dashboard part. An example of this is a file type with the extension .msg

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