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ETO Results | Formula: Link to Demographic Attachments
ETO Results | Formula: Link to Demographic Attachments

Creating URLs and images to demographic attachments in ETO Results #Results

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Note: This must be done with Unflattened Data

One Variable Solution: 

Variable (Replace Hyperlink)
=Replace([Demographic Value as HyperLink];"urlPlaceHolder";"")

  • PDF, doc, ppt come in as link to the document 

  • JPEG, png, etc. come in as the image themselves

  • These images can be right clicked (in reading mode) to download a full-size version

  • Right Click Image > Save As > Open on Computer 

  • Once this variable is applied, the report may have an extended refresh time as the images are pulled in.

Many Variable Solution 

The only advantage to the many variable solution is that images show as links rather than as images.

A variable must be created for each extension type (JPEG, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc).

Variable 1 [Position Begin UNIVERSAL]
=Pos([Demographic Value as HyperLink];"etoclient564/")

  • Change the etoclient### to your etoclient###

Variable 2 [Position End PDF]
= Pos([Demographic Value as HyperLink];"pdf")- ([Position Begin UNIVERSAL])+3

Variable 3 [PDF Attachment Link]
=If Match([Demographic Value as HyperLink];"*pdf*") Then "<a href=\""+(Substr([Demographic Value as HyperLink];[Position Begin UNIVERSAL];[Position End PDF]))+"\" target=\"_blank\">View</a>"

  • After this step, you would create Variable 2 and Variable 3 for any/all possible file types. 

  • The last (master) variable will group all the hyperlinks together.

Variable 4 [MASTER Hyperlink]
=If Not(IsNull( [JPG Attachment Link])) Then [JPG AttachmentLink] ElseIf Not(IsNull( [PDF Attachment Link])) Then [PDF Attachment  Link]

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