Release Notes | 2019.1.3
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Release Dates:
6/4/2019: Australia and Canadian Environments
6/6/2019: US-Private and US-Public Environments 

This release includes several end user enhancements for navigating between old and new UI, as well as high priority new UI-related defect fixes.


The following defects were fixed in this release:

  • [ETOC-7098] - 2019.1 View Reports (NEW) 'Success' for saved security populates for every save

  • [ETOC-7107] - 2019.1 Program Name Null Terminator Blocks Site Switch from Quick Search

  • [ETOC-7109] - 2019.1 Quick Search Searches on Space Bar in New UI

  • [ETOC-7125] - 2019.1 Accessing Participant Dashboard from the Quick Search (All Sites)

  • [ETOC-7126] - 2019.1 New UI: Cannot Scroll in New UI on Mobile Device

  • [ETOC-7132] - 2019.1 Arlington: Site switching for new UI not functional. Triggers a logoff

  • [ETOC-7196] - Force to new UI: does not default new users to new UI

  • [ETOC-7218] - ETO Login Sliders: Class must be marked serializable due to new UI

  • [ETOC-7229] - 2019.1 Quick Search Entity: Can view and edit entities across the enterprise

  • [ETOC-7340] - 2019.1 Users cannot switch between Enterprises

New Features

We have implemented:

  • New survey that will trigger when an end user navigates from new UI back to old. It will ask them why they are navigating back. You can dismiss it. More prominent banner in the new UI that allows you to navigate back to the old UI. Countdown in the banner in the old UI that tells end users how much longer they have with the old UI. This countdown will be excluded from certain databases.

We have updated:

  • All references to “Portal/SelfService Portal” in ETO to “Connect".

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