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Manage Core Conditions | Add New Core Condition
Manage Core Conditions | Add New Core Condition

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A Core Condition is a set of criteria that triggers an Alert notification. Creating a Core Condition is the first step to creating an Alert.  

Alerts are triggered when the condition is met at the time of the action. Alerts and core conditions are not passive and cannot trigger without an action.

Note: ETO Connect and Alerts work together for Program Enrollment only.

Step 1 - Click Manage Core Conditions under Enterprise on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 - Click Add New Core Condition.  

Step 3 - Select the Condition Type.  Alerts can be configured for participants or for entities.

Step 4 - In the Area drop down, select a feature for the Alert to check against and the appropriate value(s) for that selection.

Core Condition Areas for Participants:

  • Demographics – Example: Trigger an Alert for participants under 18

  • Program Enrollment – Example: Trigger an Alert for Job Training Program participants who are dismissed for parole violation. This is the area that will work with Connect Intake forms.

  • TouchPoints and TouchPoint responses – Example: Trigger an Alert when the Class Attendance TouchPoint is submitted, but the participant was not on time (the “Did the participant arrive to class on time?” was answered with No.)

  • Workflow (only available for customers with Workflow) – Example: Trigger an Alert for participants enrolled in the Job Skills Training workflow on or after January 1, 2017.

  • Release of Information (only available for customers with ROI)– Example: Trigger an Alert for participants when Release of Information is complete.

  • Referral Forms – Example: Trigger an Alert for a participant when Referral Form Recommend for New Program is submitted and “Diligent worker?” is answered with Yes.

  • General Referral – Example: Trigger an Alert when a general referral is submitted and the referring program is Homebuying 101.

Core Condition Area for Entities

  • Attributes – Example: Trigger an Alert for entities in the city of Temecula.

  • Program Enrollment – Example: Trigger an Alert for entities enrolled in the Job Placement Program.

  • TouchPoints and TouchPoint responses – Example: Trigger an Alert for an entity when they have job openings. (When the TouchPoint response to the “Available Openings” question is greater than zero.)

  • Contacts – Example: Trigger Alerts for entities with a contact email address of

Step 5 - If applicable, use the Take Action icon to select an additional Feature to base your condition upon. Then repeat step 3 to set the parameters of the additional feature.


Note: When Conditions are combined for very specific scenarios; they can be joined by either and or or, and parentheses can be used to make more complex conditions, see below.


Step 6 - Check the Trigger Event box in the Area section for one condition to configure this condition to only send the Alert when the event for the record in question occurs.


Failure to check this box will result in too many alerts being sent out just because one or more of the conditions is true.

For example, not checking the box in the above would result in Alerts being sent when the participant is enrolled in the program as well as being sent anytime the demographics are updated in the future. So we have identified the Enrollment as the Trigger event so that the Alert is only sent when the person is enrolled and is female.

Step 7 - Name the Condition and click Save and Close. 


  • Core conditions may only trigger on one Area type. For example, triggers may only exist on "Program Enrollments" even if other parts of the alerts are in "Demographics" or "TouchPoints"

  • You cannot create an Alert based on something that has not occurred in the system. For example, Program Enrollment Date = Null or Touchpoint Date = Null will not trigger if the TouchPoint response doesn't exist or the Program Enrollment doesn't exist.

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