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Navigate to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on your username, also referred to as your User Badge.

Options in the drop-down will include:

Manage Personal Settings

From here you can set the following default rules:

  • Choose to display the Navigation Bar expanded or collapsed.

  • Choose default display settings for To Do List.

  • Set or remove a reminder if you do not fill out 'Date of Next Contact' when         recording an effort.

  • Control whether previously searched values auto-populate in participant search screens.

  • Control auto-populated information for 'Add Legal Case' screens.

  • Turn on or off the Quick Search Recent Search Drop Down. 

Once you have finished adjusting your settings, click Save.  A green check will appear at the top of the page notifying you that your settings have been saved.

Manage My Account

Update First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, Email Address, Cell Phone, and Time Zone from My Account.

Enterprise and Site Managers can update First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Cell Phone for another user from Manage User Accounts.

Change My Password & Security Questions

Users can update their password and security questions within the interface from this screen.

Enterprise and Site Managers can update current password for another user from Manage User Accounts.

Live Office Account Info

Username, Password, and Web Service URL information is only used by Enterprises using added SAP BI features like Query as a Web Service.

Server is the ETO Results reporting server your organization is currently supported on. If you contact support to report an outage, they may benefit from this information,

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