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Collection types are useful for organizing recurring groups of Participants. For example, you may have a Collection Type for each school that you work with, and a Collection for each class in that school. In order to create a Collection, you must first create a Collection Type. The steps for creating Collection Types are very similar to that of creating a new TouchPoint.

To create a Collection Type: 

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click "Site Administration".

  2. Select "Manage Collection Types".

  3. Click the "New Collection Type" button at the top of the page.

Once at the Collection Type Wizard:

  1. Give a clear and descriptive name to your Collection type.

  2. Add tags to make it easier to search and report on Collection types.

  3. Optional: Check the "Section Quick Links" box to enable section quick links on each page.

  4. Optional: Check the "Question Numbering" box if you wish to have each question numbered. 

  5. Save.

Once your Collection Type is saved, you have the option to add Form Elements similar to a TouchPoint. If you choose to add anything to the Form, you'll want them to be general information about the Collection (ex. which days they meet, who leads/supervises the group). Specific data such as date of class, time spent, attendance, and notes should be recorded using Collection TouchPoints.

Best Practices

When making a Collection Type, don't use the same name as an existing Subject Type, such as Participant or Family. Instead, use something a little more specific that will help your users, like Biweekly Family Meetup, or Math Class Participants.

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