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Manage TouchPoints | Add and Edit Subject Type Security
Manage TouchPoints | Add and Edit Subject Type Security

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Do you currently have a TouchPoint for a particular Subject Type–like a Participant, Entity, Family–and would like to add another while keeping the same TouchPoint? You will simply need to add another Subject Type!

In this example, we will add "Entity" to the "Subject Type" for this TouchPoint that is currently available to be recorded for Participants.

In-Depth Guide

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, select "Site Administration", then "Manage TouchPoints".

Step 2 – On the row of the TouchPoint that you are trying to modify, click "Security" under the "Take Action" column.

  • Click the "New TouchPoint" button if you have yet to create a TouchPoint.

Step 3 – In the drop-down menu, select the Subject Type you'd like to add in the appropriate tab and sub-tab.

Step 4 – Scroll down to find the appropriate Site/Program and select at least one User role.

Step 5 – Click "Save".

Step 5 – Return to the "Manage TouchPoints" page, and you will see the added Subject Type along with the original Subject Type.

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