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#Caseload #Participants Manage user security for access to Participants in Caseloads

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Site Administrators may give permission for certain Users to add/remove Participants to others or their own Caseloads. Below is a step by step process of providing these users Caseload access.

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, go to "Site Administration".

Step 2 – Click on "Manage User Accounts".

Step 3 – Within the list of User accounts, locate the User you wish to give Caseload access to, and click the Edit button on the right hand side.

Step 4 – At the bottom of the page, click on the "Caseload Access" tab.

Step 5 – Make sure the correct Site is listed in the drop-down menu.

Step 6 – There are two columns listed, "Add/Remove Participants in Own Caseload" and "Add/Remove Participants in Others' Caseload".

  • If you need Users to add/remove Participants to their own Caseload, you will check the box in the first column.

  • If you need Users to add/remove Participants from others' Caseloads, you will check the box in the second column.

  • It is important to note that this access is Program-specific.

Step 7 – Once this is complete, click the Save button at the bottom or top of the page. 

Note: Checking the box at the top of the table will turn on the feature for every Program that is visible on that page only. If your site has more than ten Programs, you must go to the next page to activate the feature in Programs not listed on the first page.

Restricting Access Based on Caseload

"Restrict Access to Participants Based on Caseload"

  • Checking this box will restrict the User’s ability to see Participants that are not on their Caseload. They will not be able to search for dismissed Participants (even those who were previously on the User’s Caseload) or use features like Find Participant and Enroll Participant. 

When access is restricted (by un-checking the "Grant Access" box), it is only applied to Participants in that Program; the setting is ignored in any Program where this option is still selected.

Checking on the Grant Access Boxes allows Users to ignore the Restriction rules. Therefore, with "Restricting Access Based on Caseload" and all "Grant Access" check-boxes checked, there is no restricted security.

EX. If Staff User 1 should only have restricted Caseload privileges in one Program, we would check off "Restrict Access to Participants Based on Caseloads" and then Un-check the "Grant Access" box for the Program that should have restrictions.

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