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The Participant Information Dashboard part is a feature that can be customized in many ways. A custom file attachment demographic can be created and displayed on this Dashboard part, allowing easy Participant recognition via photo.

Create Participant Photo Demographic

  1. Go to Site Administration on the Navigation Bar

  2. Select Manage Demographics

  3. Click Add Demographic

  4. Enter your Demographic Name

  5. Select File Attachment as the Demographic Type

  6. Select your scope

  7. Enter a Description (optional)

  8. Select Continue

  9. Choose "Image"

  10. Select Continue

  11. Press OK

Enable Participant Photos

  1. Select "Back to Manage Demographics"

  2. Click Edit in the Edit column on the far right of your new Demographic

  3. Check the Participant photo box

  4. Click Submit

Once a photo has been uploaded in a Participant's demographic page, the photo will be shown in the Participant's Dashboard.

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