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Allowing Bonterra Support Emails by IP Address

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Updated over a week ago

Sometimes anti-spam systems are stringent and will filter or block messages, even though they contain pertinent information for our users.
You can help us ensure that this doesn’t happen by working with your IT resources to allow-list our emails and ensure they make it to your inbox. Instructions are below for allow-listing all of our IP Addresses, allow-listing by email return-path, and allow-listing by “from address” – your IT Resources will likely know which option you need, but we can put them in touch with our team if they need additional help.

​Allow-listing IP Addresses

Please ask your IT resource add these IP addresses to your corporate allow-list:

​Allow-listing by Email Return-Path

In the case that your anti-spam system uses the email Return-Path field instead of the IP address for allow-listing, the best approach is to allow-list ‘*’. This will ensure that all of the mailbox subdomains that are used by our email-sending solution are included.​ ​

Allow-listing by “From Address”

If your anti-spam system allow-lists based on the From address, be sure to include "" and "" on your allow-list.

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