This release will include a required update to ETO Engage. Due to a changes in a vendor’s Terms of Service, there will be an update to ETO Engage's spoofing of "From" addresses.

When: Friday, January 20th, 2023


  • ETO Engage's spoofing of "From" addresses will be updated. The "From" address of all emails sent by ETO Engage will become "no-reply@socialsolutions.com".

  • The displayed name of the sender will remain as the value configured in ETO Engage; however, recipients will be able to see "no-reply@socialsolutions.com" as the address of the sender in their email clients.

  • The custom email address configured will be used as the "Reply-To" address, so despite the change in the "From" address, replies sent by recipients of an ETO Engage email will continue to be sent to the address configured by your organization

Who: All ETO Engage customers using custom “From” addresses

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