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In Business Objects 4.3, there is still the ability to assign reference cells as in Business Objects 4.2. This is similar to using a formula in Excel such as "=A25", where cell A25 contains an important value, elsewhere in the Excel file. This feature is useful for retrieving counts and other dynamic measures from the bottom of a data table for use elsewhere in a report.
To assign a cell reference:

  1. Build a table and pinpoint the cell that contains the value you want to reference

  2. Right-click that cell and click Assign Reference...

3. Enter a name, as you would for any variable, that describes the cell

4. Open the References folder in the Available Objects menu
5. Drag and drop the named cell reference into another cell

It's important to note that reference cells can be delicate.

  • Reference cells will not work with sections.

  • Reference cells can be calculated together, however, if text is included with a number, that will interfere with the calculation process.

  • If you make a reference cell and then duplicate the table the reference came from, the first reference will now show the value from the duplicated table if changes were made. To avoid this, delete the reference cell, and make a new one.

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