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When working with dates, you may need to change the way the date is formatted, either for aesthetic purposes or so you can use the date in another formula. Either way, this can be done with the FormatDate function.

This function is set up in the following way:

=Formatdate([Date Object];"Date Format")

The date format is the string of text that will decide how the date is displayed, and will always have quotation marks around it.

Let us say you have the date July 4th, 2021 showing for the object [Date Object]

You could set it up the formula in a few ways:

  • =Formatdate([Date Object];"M/d/yy") would show the object as 7/4/21 (with no zeros and just the last two digits of the year).

  • =Formatdate([Date Object];"MM/dd/yyyy") would show the object as 07/04/2021 (with zeros before the month and day if they have only one digit, and with the full year showing).

  • =Formatdate([Date Object];"mmm dd, yyyy") would show as Jul 4, 2021 (with an abbreviation for the month name

  • =Formatdate([Date Object];"Mmmm dd, yyyy") would show as July 4, 2021 (with the full month name)

You can even add the day of the week into the date by formatting the day as dddd dd. For example, =FormatDate([Date Object];"dddd, Mmmm dd, yyyy") would show as Sunday, July 04, 2021

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