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ETO Results | Save Standard Reports as Custom Reports
ETO Results | Save Standard Reports as Custom Reports

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We have many Standard Results Reports available for use, but sometimes you may find you would like to make small changes, or use the foundation of a standard report for a completely new report for your enterprise. While the standard reports themselves cannot be edited in any way, there is a way to save them to make editing possible.

To save a standard report so you or other Staff can edit it and run it again in the future, select Save As. A small window will appear where you can name the report, determine where to save it and set refresh options.

Provide a unique name for the report, and if useful, a description that will appear next to the report on the View Reports screen.

Save the report in the My Favorites folder if it’s not yet finished or would like to restrict access to only your User account. Otherwise, save the report in the appropriate public folder.

99% of the time, select (check) the box to “Refresh on open”.

If this option is not selected, the report will return the last data set it was run for every time you run the Query. This could be a security concern if an Enterprise or Site Manager runs the report and then a Staff member sees results across a Site or Enterprise. The only case when you would not check Refresh on Open would be if the report included non-identifying data and the results should be viewable to all Staff, however, the report will show the original data, not the most up-to-date version of the data, and can cause confusion.

If you have any questions about how to save your report and who it will be viewable to, please contact Customer Support.

Be mindful when saving reports. At this time, only Enterprise Managers have the ability to delete reports once they are saved. Users without an Enterprise Manager should email Customer Support with a list of reports that need to be deleted. Note that once the report is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

For more information on deleting reports, please see information about the Reporting Dashboard.

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