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How big can my file be? How much storage do I have? How are my files stored? #FAQ

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Every ETO database has a storage capacity. The amount of storage your database has purchased and the amount you are currently using can be disclosed through our Account Management team.  Based on monthly storage reports, we are able to determine if clients have exceeded their capacity.

They can be reached at

Note: Only uploaded file attachments (photos, documents, etc.) count towards your storage capacity. The data itself within ETO (client records, events, etc.) does not.

To see where your attachment data is stored, you can build custom ETO reports to see how many files are located inside of ETO. Below are articles showing how to additionally build links to access those attachments from and ETO report.

Document Size Limitations

Enterprise Logo: 225 x 40 pixels
Site Logo: 300 x 40 pixels
Participant Photos:  200 x 200 pixel
File Attachments In TouchPoints: <1 GB

Note: Our file size recommendation for Site Logos is less than 1MB (megabyte). Site Logos over 1MB may contribute to performance issues across all features of ETO.

Document Size Errors

Although there is no official size limit, your system may see a Yellow Triangle with a 404 error if the system is at capacity or if you have met one of the above limitations. 

TouchPoint File Attachments

ETO is an excellent secondary or tertiary file storage location. However, it should not be used as a primary file storage location due to the nature of how the files are stored and accessed. It is recommended that clients keep primary documents located on a Local Drive and/or a secure online file storage system.

When a file is uploaded to a TouchPoint, the document will be converted to a binary file and stored in the client's ETO SQL database.

Document Security

All document transfer is secured by TLS/SSL encryption.

Retrieving Files from a Back Up 

Documents are converted to a binary blob and stored in the ETO database; they will be included in nightly database backup process.

Accessing Files from ETO

The only way to access TouchPoint document files in ETO is by accessing the TouchPoint record that stores the file. 

Within ETO Results, it is possible to create a report that provides links to the document uploads.

There is no way to download all documents at once from the ETO interface. Documents can be downloaded singularly, or a professional engagement can be scoped with your Account Manager to retrieve all the files. 

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