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The Participant Matches dashboard part displays all current and past entities matched with the Participant via the Participant Match feature including the entity's contact name, the entity type, the entity sub-type, the start and end dates, and a termination reason. This part will only display information for individual type entities where the entity and the entity contact are the same.

This ETO Part is only available on the Participant Dashboard.

You can click on the pencil icon in the Take Action column to edit the match or the X to remove the match. The +New link at the bottom allows you to add another entity match to the Participant via Participant Match.


Step 1 - To edit the Participant Matches part, click Edit Dashboard at the top of the page.

Step 2 - You can restore, minimize, disable, delete, or edit the part by clicking on the associated icon.

Step 3 - When editing the part, you can re-title the part and set the layout. You can also set the maximum number of records to be displayed in the part. Click Apply to confirm any changes.

  • Chrome State: Normal will start the part immediately upon landing on the dashboard. Minimized may work best for dashboards that take a long time to load, but will require the user to expand the part if they wish to view the report.

  • Zone and zone index: Zone index is the ranking of the part in that zone, where zero is the closest to the top of the page.

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