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Participant Dashboard

#Enterprise Participant

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Participant Dashboards are specific to a Participant within the context of the current Program. Participant Dashboards are accessed through the User’s Dashboard by clicking on a Participant in the Caseload or by means of the Quick Search menu. Users are taken directly to the Participant’s Dashboard when a Participant is enrolled.

Default ETO Parts for Participant Dashboards

  • Participant Information

  • Recent Efforts

  • Recent Assessments

  • Action Links

  • Program History

Click the Edit Dashboard button to rearrange the ETO Parts within the 5 available zones (top, left, middle, right, and bottom) or add additional parts.

Additional ETO Parts for Participant Dashboards

Click the Add ETO Parts button to access the catalog, which includes the following ETO Parts:

  • Action Links

  • Bed History

  • Caseworkers

  • Collection Memberships

  • Custom Page

  • ETO Insight

  • Family Information

  • Groups

  • Housing Occupancy

  • My Caseload

  • Participant Information

  • Participant Matches

  • Program History

  • Query Wizard ETO Part

  • Recent Assessments

  • Recent Disbursements

  • Recent Efforts

  • Recent Participants/Entities

  • Recent Referrals

  • Recent TouchPoints

  • Report

  • Search

  • SharePoint List

  • Workflows

Check the box(es) for the desired part(s), determine the zone it should appear in from the drop-down menu, and click the Add button. Note that the same part can be added more than once. Each part can also be disabled, minimized, and the banner message can be edited once it is added. Click the Reset to Default button to return to the original configuration containing the ETO Parts listed above.

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