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Copy/Pasting without Formatting in Word
Copy/Pasting without Formatting in Word

#FAQ Turning off straight quotes and keeping special characters out of Copy/Paste from Word.

Updated over a week ago
  1. Open Word

  2. Select File

  3. Select Options

3. Select "Advanced"

4.  Set all Cut, copy, and paste settings to "Keep Text Only" and un-check the "Use smart cut and paste" setting.

5. Select "Proofing"

6. Click "AutoCorrect Options"

7. Select "AutoFormat"

8. Un-check "'Straight quotes' with 'smart quotes'"

9. Select "AutoFormat As You Type"

10. Un-check "'Straight quotes' with 'smart quotes'"

11. Copy and Paste from Word to ETO

Best Practices

  • If your computer gives you the option to "Paste without formatting" or "Paste as plain text", select that option. 

  • You may also Copy/Paste into applications like Notepad to ensure all formatting is being stripped from the Word document.

  • Make sure you don't have any third-party spell-check or typing applications that may convert your text when copy/pasting.

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