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Batch Upload Tips

  1. Check Securities. Is this an action you can take in ETO? Do you have proper securities to allow you to record/edit/update TouchPoint or Participants?

  2. Start Fresh. Download a fresh template for Batch Uploads. Copy and Paste data without formatting,

  3. Double Check Data. Complete all required fields, duplicate check information, make sure dates are accurate, double check data

  4. Test. Upload 1-2 rows of test data to ensure a proper upload

  5. Upload. We do not recommend uploading over 600 rows at once. Larger files may take longer to process.

Step by Step

This upload capability allows Users to upload Participant Referrals made to Entities.

Generating a Template: When generating a template, select Referrals_ToEntity.  

  • Templates will be generated with columns for Participant Identifier and the demographics that are set for duplicate check.

  • To upload with matching done on Participant Identifier, remove the columns with the demographic names.

  • To upload with matching done on the duplicate check settings, remove the Participant identifier column

The following fields are required:

  • Referring Staff: name of the staff making the referral. Staff name should be formatted First Name Last Name (John Smith) and match exactly with the name on their ETO User account.

  • Referral Date: date referral was made

  • Referring Program: Program the referral was made from. This must match exactly with a Program name in ETO.

  • Entity Type: type of Entity that is referred to

  • Entity Name: name of the Entity that is referred to. This must match exactly with an existing Entity in ETO.

  • Reason for Referral: reason the referral is made; must match a choice in the corresponding Feeder Table (also listed on the Add Referral page)

  • Referral Status: status of the referral; must match a choice in the corresponding Feeder Table (also listed on the Add Referral page). Capitalization must be matched exactly between the choice in the feeder table and the value in the file.

  • Release Participant Information: Yes or No

  • All other fields are optional

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