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  • Adding a large grid to your TouchPoint could cause performance issues. Please visit this article for Touchpoint Limitations and Best Practices.

  • Grids cannot be backed up or restored. If a TouchPoint with a grid becomes corrupted, we cannot restore the TouchPoint to its original form.

  • Grids can be difficult to report on as each element is tied to a column and row, and all the questions have the same name. Please be aware that reporting on grids may require more in-depth reporting knowledge.

  • Grids may not respect print previews. Printing TouchPoints with grids may print improperly.

  • It is very difficult for our teams to resolve defects within the Grid elements due to their complexities. For this reason, we recommend steering away from Grids whenever possible and instead utilizing Question Placement Options within regular questions.

We understand this list of limitations is longer than other features and we are working towards developing more commensurate functionality for grid/table needs.

Please submit your Ideas for these enhancements to the Support Portal for review.


This element creates a table where other fields can be used to track data.

The administrator first determines the number of columns across, the number of rows (groups) down, and the number of rows in each group. The administrator can choose to change the label for the groups from the default “Row Group” to something more descriptive. The administrator can also choose to hide the column headers and section headers if they are not needed. Once the question is submitted the number of columns, groups, and row groups cannot be edited. To edit the labels of the Row Groups, click edit beneath each label.

To add fields to the grid/table, click Add in the corresponding table cell. If there is more than one Row Group in the table, the field will be added to all of the row groups in the same column.

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