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Form Element | Section Header


Updated over a week ago

This element creates a section header for a form. It can be used to provide instructions for completing the form or a section of a form. You can also provide formatting for longer forms so that they are easier to parse. This element does not allow for any data entry. If the administrator chooses to have sections turned into Quick Links, the text of this element will appear at the top of the form with a link to the section.


Step 1 - Enter the section header text in the text box.

Step 2 - Click the Save button.

Section Header Quick Links

In order to turn the section headers into quick links, you must edit the TouchPoint settings.

Step 3 - Click the Edit TouchPoint Settings button.

Step 4 - Check the box next to Enable section quick links on each page.

Step 5 - Click the Save button.

Recording with this Element Type

Since this element does not allow for data entry, it will only appear as a header in your TouchPoint.

Section Header Quick Links: If this option is turned on, your section headers will have jump-links placed at the top of the form. Clicking one of these links will take the user directly to that header.

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