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This page deals with a setting for individual questions added to form when managing TouchPoints, Collection Types, and Referral Forms.

When creating or editing a question, you can change the default formatting in a number of ways.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – Navigate to the proper management page (Manage TouchPoints, Manage Collection Types, or Manage Referral Forms).

Step 2 – Either find the question you would like to edit or create a new question.

Step 3 – You will see three options for question placement:

  • Show Question

  • Question and Answer on Separate Lines

  • Place the Following Element on the Next Line

  • Indentation

  • Show Conditional Rule Highlighting

Show Question:
You can choose to either show or hide the text of the question. 

  • Questions are often hidden in tables where the question is listed in the row or column header to indicate what is expected of the user

  • It is useful to hide a question if the question is asked in a Message or Section Header just above the question

  • By default the question will display for all element types. To change this default, uncheck the box to the right of this heading

Question and Answer on Separate Lines:
You can choose to either show the question above the answer or have them appear on the same line.

  • By default the question appears above the answer

  • To place the answer beside the question, uncheck the box to the right of this heading

Place the Following Element on the Next Line:
You can choose if two subsequent questions show on different lines or on the same line. 

  • By default, each question falls below the previous question 

  • To place the second question in a series of two questions next to the first question, uncheck the box to the right of this heading in the first question

You can select if a question is indented on the form and the margin of that indentation

  • An indentation can be selected from 0 to 4. 

  • By default, each question has an indentation of 0

  • To create a wider margin for the question, select a number from the drop-down to the right of this heading 

  • If two elements are placed next to one another (determined via Place Following Element on the Next Line), and an indentation greater than 0 is set on the second element, a larger space will appear between the two elements

Show Conditional Rule Highlighting:
You can choose if questions with conditional rules are highlighted on the form or not

  • When this selection is checked off, any element that is managed by a conditional rule will be highlighted

  • By default this option is not selected

  • To enable conditional highlighting, check the box 

Step 4 – Click the Save button to save any changes.

Summary: You can follow all of these steps in order to format individual question placement for TouchPoints, referral forms, or collection types.

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