ETO Check-In | General and Set Up
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ETO Check-In works to integrate barcode and QR Code scanning with TouchPoints and Collections, saving end user time for quick data entry. This feature will also help with data quality, scanning participants into classrooms and events in real time, automatically creating a TouchPoint or Collection response. 

Recommended Scanners:
(Any scanner reading Code 39 should be functional) 

  • ADESSO Contact CCD Barcode Scanner Model NuScan 1000U

  • Fusion MS3780

  • Honeywell 3800g

  • Metrologic MS7120

  • Metrologic MS9540

  • Metrologic Voyager 9520 MK9520-32A38

  • Symbol LS 2208

Set up Check-In TouchPoints

In order to set up ETO Check-In, ETO Administrators must first set up the TouchPoint that will be used to track attendance to work with the Check In functionality.

Step 1: In a new or already existing Touchpoint go to Edit Touchpoint > Add Question and add the ETO Check-In Touchpoint Element. 

Step 2:  The question text will default to Check-In.  This can be edited to be changed to other text, for example:  Attendance, Scan time, etc. Click Save

Step 3: The Check-In question will be added to the TouchPoint.  This TouchPoint element can be made required.

Step 4:  Confirm that the security is set for the TouchPoint.  At this time the only types of TouchPoint security that Check-In can be used for is the Participant (Single) and Collection TouchPoints, so security must be set for one of those subject types.  

PLEASE NOTE: ETO Check-In is not set up to work with required questions. If any questions in the TouchPoint that use the Check-In feature are required, they must be made not required.

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