Check-In | Set Up Check-In TouchPoints
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In order to set up ETO Check-In, ETO Administrators must first set up the TouchPoint that will be used to track attendance to work with the Check In functionality.

Step 1: In a new or already existing TouchPoint go to Edit TouchPoint > Add Question and add the ETO Check-In TouchPoint Element. 

Step 2:  The question text will default to Check-In.  This can be edited to be changed to other text, for example: "Attendance," "Scan time", etc. Click Save.

Step 3: The Check-In question will be added to the TouchPoint.  This TouchPoint element can be made required.

Step 4:  Confirm that the appropriate security is set for the TouchPoint.  At this time the only types of TouchPoint security that Check-In can be used for is the Participant (Single) and Collection TouchPoints, so security must be set for one of those subject types.  

NOTE: ETO Check-In is not set up to work with required questions of other element types besides Check-In. If any questions in the TouchPoint that use the Check-In feature are required, they must be made not required.

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