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Duplicate Participants | Add New Participant Alert
Duplicate Participants | Add New Participant Alert


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If you submit a new Participant’s name/information into ETO and it matches another Participant in the software (based on your Duplicate Check settings), you will get a Duplicate Information alert.

Duplicates are flagged based on the Duplicate Check Settings found on the Manage Demographics page. The default settings check for duplicates by First Name AND Last Name OR SSN. You have the ability to specify whether matches are determined based on exact or similar matches, and based on all or just a portion of the fields checked.

For example, if the fields selected are first name, last name, and SSN and set to flag matches for at least two fields, a duplicate will be recognized if Participants have the same response for two or more of the three fields. Modifying these settings can potentially generate different lists of duplicated Participants.

It is best practice to set a duplicate check on at least two items and mark three items for "exact match," including one unique demographic like the client's email or case number.

In-Depth Instructions

After a new Participant's name/information is submitted and the duplicate check settings determine a match, a list of possible matches for existing records will appear.

If you click the Cancel button, you will be returned to the Add New Participant page of the new Participant so that you can edit.

If you determine that the Participant you are adding is NOT a duplicate of any potential matches, click the Add as New button.

You will get a confirmation message that the new Participant was successfully added.

If you determine that the Participant you are adding IS a duplicate of a potential match, first select the Participant that matches and click Merge Participants.

Merge Participants makes the pre-existing Participant the primary record and the new Participant the duplicate record. The primary demographics are retained and new program enrollment is updated.

If the duplicate is already enrolled in the program, you will get a confirmation that the Participant is enrolled.

If the duplicate is enrolled in the site but not currently enrolled in the program, they will be automatically enrolled and you will be given a confirmation of the enrollment.

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