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FAQs | Multi-Factor Authentication

#FAQ Frequently Asked Questions on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Note: ETO MFA is only available to users in the United States.

Q.  Can I select Users that I don’t want to receive the authentication?

Yes! If there is a user account that you do not want to receive authentication, on the Manage Users page there is a “Bypass MFA” box. Check this box and the user will not receive the authentication instructions.

Q.  What if my users do not have a cell phone?

Users can have a landline in the cell phone field. If a landline phone number is entered, the user will receive a phone call with an automated message for their authentication code.

Q.  How long do users have to enter the authentication code?

Ten minutes. If this expires, they will have to log in again and receive a new authentication code.

Q.  What happens when you have one phone number that are the same for two (or more) users? 

The MFA notification is per user, not per phone number.  If a user receives the Authentication pop up, it will send the text message. They will receive a unique code for their user account. No other users will be able to use that authentication code.

Q.  Will MFA work with extensions or phone trees?

Not at this time.

Q.  What happens if users do not have a number in the cell phone field on Manage User Accounts and MFA is enabled?

Administrators will receive an email for each user that does not have a cell number/phone number listed in the cell phone field.

Q.  Our organization only has a certain number of user authentications per month. How will I know if we’re close to going over our allotted amount?

Administrators will receive the following warnings via email:

  • Warning for Threshold Percentage- Over 75% of purchased Authentications

  • Over 95% used

  • At 100%

  • Account will be charged overages based on any MFA authentications that exceed the limit.

Q.  What happens when the allotted amount of user authentications has gone over for the month?

Users will continue to receive MFA authentications. Accounts will be charged overages.

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