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TouchPoints: Disable Answers in a List Choice Question
TouchPoints: Disable Answers in a List Choice Question


Updated over a week ago

You are able to edit the answers of list choice questions individually without using conditional rules.

The ability to disable answer options in the List Question in TouchPoints works for all List Types.

To disable an answer in a List Choice Question follow the directions below:

  1. Open the Navigation Bar.

  2. Click on Site Administration.

  3. Select Manage TouchPoints.

  4. Find the TouchPoint with the List Choice Question to be Edited.

  5. Select Edit Next to the TouchPoint.

  6. Find the Question to be Edited.

  7. Click Edit Question.

  8. Select Edit Question from the Drop-Down.

  9. Next to the Question Option to be Disabled, Click the Check Box Under Disabled.
    Note: If the answer to be disabled is grayed out, any and all conditional rules associated to this answer must be deleted in order for the Disable box to be usable.

  10. Click Save.

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