How Can I Delete Participants?
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In most cases, deleting Participants is not necessary. We encourage customers to use features that retain Participant data whenever appropriate. However, there are circumstances where Participants are truly erroneous and deleting is a valid option. This article discusses options based on circumstances.

Options to Delete Participants

Option 1: Merge Duplicated Site Participants

In most cases, you will want to use the Duplicated Participants feature to merge Participants created by data entry error. In this case, an end user may have accidentally created a record for a Participant that already exists in the site. This feature combines two records and retains the data of both Participants.

Option 2: Site Administration: Delete Fakes

If there are Participants that should not be in your records at all, you can delete the Participants using the Delete Fakes feature. Please be advised that this will delete all data associated with the Participants and you should only use this feature if you are absolutely sure this is what you want. Once deleted, a Participant cannot be reinstated. This feature will delete ALL Fakes from your site. You will need to change the names to Fake either manually or via Batch Upload.

Option 3: Support SQL Request

There may be circumstances where there are a large amount of Participants that should not be in your records. For example, a faulty Participant Batch Upload creates a large number of duplicate Participants. We encourage you to use the first two options to resolve this situation. However, you may also contact Customer Support with a request to delete these Participants and all associated data on the back-end. Support will contact the SQL Team to evaluate the request. Remember, once deleted, a Participant record cannot be reinstated.

You will need to provide:

  1. An explicit request and consent

  2. A separate file attachment containing the Participant Site Identifiers of the Participants you wish to be deleted

An example of this request reads: "Attached is an Excel document containing the Participant Site Identifiers of 1,000 duplicate Participants created during Batch Upload. Please delete these Participants and all data associated."

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