Duplicated Data in Reports
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Why is my data duplicated?


Data rows can be "Inflated," duplicating some data and returning results that do not seem correct. Some common reasons for this duplication are:

  1. Using an "Or" statement in a Query improperly. For Example: A Query retrieves information for all Participants who were: Active in a Program between dates X and Y, OR Took TouchPoint Z. This Query would retrieve any Participant who was in an active Program between the 2 specified dates, AND any Participants who have ever taken TouchPoint Z. If you are trying to report in Participants who were active between dates X and Y who have also TouchPoint Z, change the above statement from OR to AND.

  2. Results are Inflated due to value expansion: Program Name in Result Objects will return more lines of data connected to every Program Name a Participant has been enrolled in. So if a Participant has been enrolled in more than one Program, TouchPoint data may be multiplied for each Program enrollment, even if the Program name is not included in a table, or if the TouchPoint was only taken in 1 Program or the other. Possible fixes include: Use “ForEach” [Program name] with Formulas in a table. Remove [Program Name] from Result Objects if not necessary in the report. For stand-alone Formula, need to use In context specified to the exact need of the Formula (Participant ID, Response ID)

  3. There are TouchPoint responses appearing in reports that are not wanted. The [Program Name] object appears in many Universes and do different things: In the Enrollment folder, this is connected to Participant enrollment. Filtering on a specific [Program Name] will limit data to Participant enrollment in that Program, but without other Filters this will retrieve all TouchPoint responses taken in any Program by the Participant. The [Program Name] in the Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW or in each TouchPoint folder (in Flattened Universes) will limit data to TouchPoints taken in that Program, it is not affected by a Participant's enrollment.

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