ETO Results Refresh Schedule


Updated over a week ago

ETO Results can take different amounts of time to show data once entered into ETO depending on the data that is being entered. Below is the ETO Results refresh schedule:

In Real Time:

  • New Demographics (In the Standard Participant Universe only)

  • New Participants

  • New Assessments and Assessment data

  • New Points of Service and Effort data

  • New Entities

Every 15 minutes (Refresh can extend beyond this time for large sets of data):

  • Data coming from a shared Query Wizard Universe

  • Data coming from the Standard TouchPoint Universe (NEW)

  • Details within TouchPoint folders in the Flattened Universe

Top of the Hour:

  • New User Account with any access level added (User can access ETO Results)

  • Add a Program to an existing Staff level account (Staff can see data from that Program)

  • New Query Wizard shared Universe


  • New Demographics/Edits to Demographics (in the Flattened Participant Universes only)

  • Linked Query Wizard Universe data updates

  • New TouchPoint forms or elements added to an existing form

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