ETO Results can take different amounts of time to show data once entered into ETO depending on the data that is being entered. Below is the ETO Results refresh schedule:

In Real Time:

  • New Demographics (In the Standard Participant Universe only)

  • New Participants

  • New Assessments and Assessment data

  • New Points of Service and Effort data

  • New Entities

Every 15 minutes (Refresh can extend beyond this time for large sets of data):

  • Data coming from a shared Query Wizard Universe

  • Data coming from the Standard TouchPoint Universe (NEW)

  • Details within TouchPoint folders in the Flattened Universe

Top of the Hour:

  • New User Account with any access level added (User can access ETO Results)

  • Add a Program to an existing Staff level account (Staff can see data from that Program)

  • New Query Wizard shared Universe


  • New Demographics/Edits to Demographics (in the Flattened Participant Universes only)

  • Linked Query Wizard Universe data updates

  • New TouchPoint forms or elements added to an existing form

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