This is release will include a high priority defect fix as well as the new GIS TouchPoint element available in Connect!


The following fix will be in this release:

  • ETOC-9856 - TouchPoint: The Address element will now populate correctly when the TouchPoint is saved with a blank required question.

Note: If validation has not failed on a multiple TouchPoint form, then clicking off the zip code element will continue to work as it always has. However, if validation fails and an end user is required to fill in the address, they will need to enter a zip code and then hit the enter button on their keyboard, which will then load the address. Clicking off the zip code will not work anymore. Once the page loads the address, subsequent clicking off the zip code will load the address.


The newly available GIS TouchPoint element (released in 20.22.0) is now also available to add to forms in Connect!

This element will be a game-changer for any organization that has street outreach programs, giving you a better understanding of what is occurring in the field and where – Organizations can now know where efforts are making the most impact. Not only can an organization better understand interactions and outcomes, but users can also use this information to better track participants’ location for follow-up.

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