TouchPoint permissions in Connect are independent of Security permissions set for the same forms in ETO.

*ETO Touchpoint permissions should be set so that Enterprise Managers can at least Add/Edit Participant responses*

TouchPoint permissions are found in the Participant Permissions page of the Portal admin features. Permissions are set Site by Site; the list of Sites notes the number of TouchPoint forms that may be used. 

Within each Site, permissions differ Program by Program, and options are restricted to View and/or Add TouchPoint responses.


Step 1:  From Connect, click on Participant Permissions. 

Step 2: To set TouchPoint permissions for a site, click the Update button and a list of TouchPoints will appear.

Step 3: Click the plus button next to the TouchPoint Name.

Step 4: A list of programs will appear that the TouchPoint can be recorded.  

  • Check the Add box to allow participants to record the form.  
  • Click the View Box to allow participants to View responses to the TouchPoint. 
  • (Note: if you check this box, participants will also be able to see this form if it has been recorded by users in ETO on their behalf as well)

NOTE: Add permission can be granted without view permissions; Portal users will be able to submit new responses, but not view them and other existing responses later.

Step 5: (Optional)

The TouchPoint form can be renamed by clicking on the Alias section.  This can be done to make forms more easily understood for participants. 


  • In Connect, TouchPoints that use calculations, conditional rules, or cross references cannot be used in Connect. If a TouchPoint is not eligible to be used, a red message will appear at the top of the page identifying the reason.
  • Programs set to Confidential do not currently work in Connect. Please send an email to support if this affects your organization so that we can update you when this functionality is enabled. Reference ticket PP-3123.
  • E-Signature elements will only work if the signee is set to the Subject. E-signatures can be completed with a mouse pad, touch screen, or signature pad. 

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